About Synergy

Synergy is a discretionary investment management service (DIMS) administered by Consilium, providing 22 different portfolio options to investors working with a financial adviser.

Synergy is designed to simplify the investment experience and amplify your wealth. We optimise the portfolios, negotiate the costs, undertake the buying, selling and rebalancing, and give you regular reporting so you can enjoy convenience, confidence and peace of mind.

Synergy seeks to outperform standard market returns by utilising the best attributes of active and passive strategies.

Synergy invests in well diversified funds which hold shares in companies that are more profitable, smaller and less expensive than market averages. The investment strategy is backed by extensive academic research, excellent track records and governance.

In the short term, any investment might seem like the best. Over the long term, the simple and reliable principles above lead to superior outcomes. Synergy is an investment you can hold for the long term.

How Synergy works

1. Require evidence

We utilise peer-reviewed academic evidence to make decisions.

2. Diversify widely

We diversify into over 40 countries and 10,000 companies.

3. Keep costs low

We negotiate, and only pay for real value.

4. Target returns

We own investments that provide access to market premiums.

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