Morningstar portfolios find a new Synergy

Morningstar, one of the world’s largest investment research companies is joining forces with Synergy Investments. From November, advisers using Synergy will be able to access five Morningstar model portfolios built for New Zealand investors at different risk and return levels, to help them match their investors’ individual financial goals.

Morningstar is a global investment research and data services firm, which has operations in 29 countries and over USD250 billion in assets under management.

Traditionally, New Zealand adviser firms using Morningstar portfolios have accessed the research and implemented the portfolios themselves, including buying, selling and rebalancing the portfolios manually. Using the discretionary investment management service (DIMS) through Synergy, advisers can now access the Morningstar portfolios without the administration component.  

“Morningstar first contacted Consilium, as advisers using their research were looking for more efficient implementation. Synergy gives financial advisers the ability to outsource some of their investment administration and governance requirements and reduce some of the risk that can come with portfolio implementation. We are delighted to be working with Morningstar to bring greater choice to advisers. They have a thorough due diligence and asset allocation process, which fits perfectly with Synergy’s focus on investment governance,” says Consilium Managing Director, Scott Alman.

Tim Murphy, Director of Manager Research Asia-Pacific at Morningstar, says “Morningstar is pleased to provide Synergy advisers with wider investment choices, as we’re driven to support advisers to empower investor success and improve investor outcomes in everything we do. Our portfolios are unique in providing access to a selected blend of high-conviction, active portfolios.”

Scott Alman added,

“Consilium has always focused on providing advisers more choice and additional value. This has been true with the development of our Wrap platform and KiwiSaver solutions, and especially with Synergy. We’ve seen growth of close to fifty percent in Synergy and Consilium over the past year.”

“Morningstar provides advisers with more choice of investment styles and will suit advisers and investors who prefer to invest in more actively managed funds. In addition, Consilium has been able to secure discounts on several funds recommended by Morningstar, so advisers can access the models at a lower cost,” he says.

Synergy’s expanded range now includes evidence-based, SRI, PIE, core-satellite and fully active portfolios, so advisers can tailor their clients’ investments to their individual risk profile, preferences and goals.

This evolution demonstrates Consilium’s commitment to champion professional financial advice, by creating a ‘portfolio supermarket’ for financial advisers who want access to a broader set of investment portfolios and strategies to use with clients.



Morningstar Australasia, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.