Morningstar Portfolios


90% Growth
10% Income

Suitable for investors with an investment time horizon of at least 12 years before seeking to spend large amounts of their portfolio. This portfolio is targeting above average portfolio growth and should suit investors comfortable accepting high volatility.

Portfolio Performance

Period ending 31 March 2022
1 year 3 years 5 years Since inception
- - - -4.00%

This is a newly launched portfolio which has not yet established a performance history to be shown.

Portfolio performance disclaimer


Investment Objective

The investment objective of the portfolio is to outperform the benchmark defined below. Performance is evaluated on a gross basis (before tax, fees and other expenses have been taken into account) over the period of the minimum time horizon for which the portfolio is stated as being suitable.

Portfolio Holdings as at 1 October 2021

Asset  Country of origin Asset type Allocation
Milford Trans-Tasman Equity Fund New Zealand Australasian equities 9.0%  
Harbour Australasian Equity Fund New Zealand Australasian equities 9.0%  
Mint Australasian Equity Fund New Zealand Australasian equities 8.0%  
Capital Group New World Fund Australia International equities 9.0%  
First Sentier Global Listed Infrastructure Fund New Zealand International equities 4.0%  
Nikko AM Global Shares Hedged Fund (NZD hedged) New Zealand International equities 13.0%  
Platinum International Fund P class Australia International equities 12.0%  
OneAnswer International Share Fund New Zealand International equities 18.0%  
OneAnswer International Property Fund New Zealand Listed Property 5.0%  
APN AREIT PIE Fund Australia Listed Property 3.0%  
Harbour NZ Core Fixed Interest Fund New Zealand New Zealand fixed interest 4.0%  
Hunter Global Fixed Interest Fund New Zealand International fixed interest 4.0%  
Cash* New Zealand & Australia Cash and cash equivalents 2.0%  
Total     100%  

*Cash is in an on call facility held by ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd. ANZ Bank has a Standard & Poor's short term rating of A-1+. This indicates that ANZ Bank’s capacity to meet its financial commitment on these obligations is extremely strong.



As at 1 October 2021, the Morningstar New Zealand Aggressive Target Allocation NR NZD index is used as a benchmark when measuring the performance of this portfolio. Further information on the benchmark index used for this portfolio can be found at:

This benchmark is subject to change without notice if a more appropriate benchmark becomes available.