Synergy is designed to simplify the investment experience and amplify your wealth


Helping you reach your financial goals

Your adviser will help determine your investment objectives and select the Synergy portfolio that is right for you. Synergy will take care of keeping your portfolio in line with its targets and send you regular reports on the performance of your investments.


Our portfolios

Synergy gives you access to a range of investment portfolios that are expertly managed based on recommendations from industry leading investment professionals.

Consilium portfolios

The Consilium series offers investors 22 portfolios with different risk profiles, including a range of socially responsible and portfolio investment entity (PIE) portfolios, based on research and recommendations from the Consilium Investment Committee.

MyFiduciary Portfolios

The MyFiduciary series offers investors six portfolios with different risk profiles based on research and recommendations from the MyFiduciary Investment Committee.

Synergy works for you


Synergy offers you the choice of 28 portfolios with different investment styles and risk profiles to suit your individual financial goals.


Your portfolio is regularly reviewed and rebalanced by our team. Regular reporting keeps you up to date on the performance of your investment.


Get access to portfolios developed by industry leading investment professionals and advice provided by your adviser of choice.