About Us

Synergy Investments is provided by Consilium, an independent financial services specialist offering a range of investment, business, administration and compliance services to financial advisory firms.

Consilium develops and provides a full suite of diversified investment strategies to help advisers build comprehensive investment solutions to meet the needs of their clients. Complementing the existing range of Consilium model portfolios, MyFiduciary portfolios include funds which have a more ‘active’ mandate. Both Consilium and MyFiduciary are holders of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification for global best practice standards in investment management.

Consilium provides advisers and institutions access to a bespoke custodial wrap service, an evidence based investment solution, a CEFEX accredited advice process, and a discretionary investment management service (DIMS), the Synergy Investment Programme. 

As a champion of professional financial advice, and those who deliver it, Consilium works with more than 120 advisory firms across New Zealand, with assets under administration in excess of $6.5 billion.

For more information on Consilium services, visit us at www.consilium.co.nz 

Meet the Synergy Investment Committees

Consilium Investment Committee (CIC)

The CIC is a team of investment specialists within the wider Consilium business with extensive domestic and international experience in the financial services industry. The CIC includes an independent academic consultant with a focus on  governance, analytical support and policy review.

About Consilium's investment approach

MyFiduciary Investment Committee (MFIC)

MyFiduciary is an organisation that specialises in the development of investment strategies and frameworks for a wide range of investment organisations. The MFIC is a team of investment specialists who provide recommendations to Consilium for portfolio asset allocations of MyFiduciary portfolios available through Synergy.

About MyFiduciary's investment approach