Our client service team at your service

A couple of weeks ago, with the Covid-19 pandemic evolving around the world, we knew it would only be a short time until it reached our shores and affected our lives and business. And we wanted to make sure that the Synergy Investments Service Team would be ready.

So, we started preparing.

Testing remote working plans
A test group consisting of half of the client service team were sent to work from home to ensure the systems we had in place (RDS network, internet phones) would be operational, while still having a team in the office to allow business continuity, and assist should any problems arise.

The team experienced a few minor teething problems (headsets not clear) in the initial hours. These were dealt with quickly and new equipment was supplied where needed. By early morning the test group were all successfully working, business as usual, and delivering the high standard of service our clients have come to expect.

A few days later, the announcement came from the Prime Minister that a nationwide lockdown would be enforced. We were ready.

The team who were still working out of the office, completed the day and made sure they had all the required equipment available to successfully work uninterrupted from their homes. They went home and that night set up their “offices”, tested their networks and equipment to ensure that come 8:00am the next morning we would all be available for our clients.

Ready and operational
I am pleased to say that the entire team is now successfully carrying out all of their normal duties and are maintaining fully operational platform and support services. Scheduled training and meetings are conducted via online meetings and screen sharing. We have implemented a system of secondary checks of orders via a buddy, screen sharing system, and have scheduled daily catch ups as a team through Microsoft Teams software. These communication systems help to ensure nothing is being missed and everyone knows what tasks are currently underway.

Continuation of service
We are ready for anything this pandemic throws at us. We have planned weekly trips into the office for one member to process any required printing and posting. We have plans in place for printed quarterly customer reports, our clients will face no delays. We will continue to provide high levels of support and remain adaptable for our clients.

I am really proud of my team and we are here to support you and your clients during this stressful time.

All the best,

Nicole Stewart
Service Team Leader, Consilium