How Synergy Works

Simplify your life. Amplify your returns.

Synergy is designed to simplify the investment experience and amplify your returns. The right approach to investing begins with great advice. An adviser learns all about you – your current situation, your goals, your capacity and tolerance for risk – and develops a strategy for you to achieve your objectives. 


Synergy provides portfolios that investors can hold for the long term, with a range of options designed to suit your objectives. Your adviser will work with you to implement a strategy designed for your needs,  utilising a fully diversified, professionally managed portfolio that is cost-effective, transparent and reliable.

Synergy portfolios

Synergy portfolios are made up of a mix of funds that balance risk and return. The portfolios are constructed based on recommendations from investment professionals. Synergy has 28 portfolio options, including nine socially responsible investing (SRI) portfolios and four portfolios comprised only of portfolio investment entity (PIE) funds. Portfolios are constructed by Consilium, as a licensed provider of discretionary investment management services. Your adviser will recommend the portfolio most suitable for you depending on your investment needs and preferences.

  • Consilium Portfolios

    • Classic
      • Evidence based portfolio construction
      • Tilted towards sources of higher long term expected returns
      • Highly diversified and lower cost
    • SRI
      • Evidence based portfolio construction emphasising greater social responsibility
      • Excludes companies involved in tobacco, controversial weapons and nuclear weapons manufacturing
      • Promotes additional environmental and/or sustainability factors
    • PIE
      • Evidence based portfolio construction emphasising tax convenience
      • Investments (excluding cash) are restricted to portfolio investment entities (PIEs) only
      • May negate the need to file an annual tax return
  • MyFiduciary

      • Investment portfolios that comprise a blend of passive and active strategies
      • Passive allocations target low cost and wide diversification
      • Active allocations aim to outperform their relevant market / asset class index

What portfolio should I invest in?

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for investment options that align with your goals and values, your financial adviser will work with you to select a portfolio that is right for you.

Synergy portfolios contain a mix of growth and income investments in different combinations, and each portfolio is named on the basis of the split between growth assets (like equities and listed property) and income assets (like bonds and cash).

The chart below provides an overview of all 28 Synergy portfolios, showing the percentage split between growth and income assets in each portfolio. Portfolios at the lower end of the scale tend to have a higher allocation to income assets and are generally lower risk, whereas those on the higher end of the scale have a higher allocation to growth assets and are generally higher risk.


What is in a Synergy portfolio?

A Synergy portfolio is made up of a diverse selection of growth and income funds. To illustrate this, the chart below breaks down a Consilium SRI 60% Growth / 40% Income portfolio to demonstrate the geographic and underlying security diversification across the equity, fixed interest and cash allocations.

Why use a DIMS?

Synergy is a discretionary investment management service (DIMS) provided by Consilium NZ Limited. 

Under a DIMS, we invest funds on your behalf and closely monitor your portfolio. You will receive regular and comprehensive  performance, valuation and tax reporting, and have access to view your portfolio online at any time.

A DIMS provides a number of benefits by;

  • Taking full responsibility for monitoring and replacing investments, and rebalancing your portfolio to maintain a consistent risk exposure over time.
  • Allowing for efficient and consistent implementation of your portfolio, releasing you from the need to be involved in portfolio administration decisions.
  • Giving you access to investments which would not usually be accessible to you if you were investing on your own.

All investments are held through a custodian. The types of investments that are available, and the fees, are all described in the Service Disclosure Statement (SDS) which is available from your adviser. 

As a DIMS licence holder, Consilium is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.



Note: The information on this website is intended to be of a general nature and does not take into account your financial situation or goals, and does not constitute personalised advice. See our Terms of Use for full disclosure.