Consilium Portfolios

Consilium Classic

70% Growth
30% Income

Suitable for investors with an investment time horizon of at least 9 years before seeking to spend large amounts of their portfolio. This portfolio is targeting above average portfolio growth and should suit investors
comfortable accepting a moderate to high amount of volatility.

Portfolio Performance

Period ending 31 March 2022
1 year 3 years 5 years Since inception
3.70% 8.06% 7.52% 8.55%

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the portfolio is to outperform the respective index portfolio as defined by the benchmarks below. Performance is evaluated on a gross basis (before tax, fees and other expenses have been taken into account) over the period of the minimum time horizon for which the portfolio is stated as being suitable.

Portfolio Holdings as at 2 August 2021


Country of origin Asset type


Harbour NZ Index Shares Fund New Zealand Australasian equities 12.6%  
Dimensional Australian Small Company Trust Australia Australasian equities 1.5%  
Dimensional Australian Value Trust Australia Australasian equities 4.4%  
iShares Australian Equity Index Fund Australia Australasian equities 1.5%  
Dimensional Global Core Equity Trust (NZD) Australia International equities 26.9%  
Dimensional Global Small Company Trust Australia International equities 6.9%  
Dimensional Global Value Trust Australia International equities 4.6%  
Vanguard International Share Index Fund Australia International equities 3.0%  
Dimensional Emerging Markets Value Trust Australia International equities 6.0%  
iShares Emerging Markets IMI Equity Index Fund Australia International equities 2.6%  
Harbour NZ Corporate Bond Fund New Zealand New Zealand
fixed interest
Dimensional Global Bond Trust (NZD) Australia International
fixed interest
Cash* Australia & New Zealand Cash and cash equivalents 2.0%  
Total     100%  

*Cash is in an on call facility held by ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd. ANZ Bank has a Standard & Poor's short term rating of A-1+. This indicates that ANZ Bank’s capacity to meet its financial commitment on these obligations is extremely strong.



As at 1 April 2021, the following benchmarks are used when reviewing underlying returns of asset classes and measuring performance for the above portfolios. Note these are subject to change without notice as more appropriate benchmarks become available. When reviewing the performance of underlying investments other benchmarks may be used that more closely approximate the objective of the investment.

Asset class



Australasian equities

S&P/NZX 50 Index (Gross)

S&P/ASX 200 Index (Total Return)




International equities

MSCI World ex Australia Index (hedged to NZD, net div.)

MSCI World ex Australia Index (net div.)

MSCI Emerging Markets Index (net div.)





New Zealand fixed interest S&P/NZX A-Grade Corporate Bond Index



International fixed interest

FTSE World Government Bond Index 1-5 Years (hedged to NZD)


Cash and cash equivalents

New Zealand One-Month Bank Bill Yields Index